Pediatric Therapy

Silverspring Healthcare Services provides a variety of therapy services that often serve as a critical component in the plan of care for children with injuries, disabilities, or developmental delays.

Our licensed, experienced therapists provide specialized services in three areas including speech, occupational, and physical therapy and also offer certain, specialized programs depending on the state.

We serve children across the states of Texas.

At SSHS, we are committed to delivering the highest quality therapy treatments and services for every child. These include:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Pediatric therapy services are often a critical component of the plan of care for children with injuries, disabilities or developmental delays.

By providing therapy services in the home as well as in our outpatient clinics, we are able to best meet the needs of our clients and help them adhere to a schedule that may result in more positive outcomes. Additionally, our Epic therapists are able to provide care coordination services for our patients who receive in-school therapy. Together, home, clinic, and school based therapy can work together to yield enhanced outcomes for kids.

Whether your therapy needs are short- or long-term, our therapists are committed to improving each child’s quality of life and ability to be independent.

Pediatric therapy services are currently available in Texas. Coming soon to Virginia!

Occupational therapy focuses on helping children achieve independence with daily living skills. It also helps to improve, develop, and restore fine motor functions, upper extremity strength, and eye-hand coordination. Our occupational therapists work with each child on self-care, as well as everyday tasks at home or school.

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Physical therapy concentrates on increasing the child’s mobility, range of motion, and functional motor skills; improving posture and conditioning; and preventing or slowing orthopedic problems.

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Speech-language therapy strives to improve the child’s ability to communicate wants and needs, fluency of speech, and memory or retention skills. Our speech-language pathologists also provide therapy to address feeding and swallowing difficulties.

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